September 18 1992. Filipino.Computer Engineering.Art.Music.Photography.
Art.Bay area.Licensed.

Lucky chances :) chicken mami noodles

Must gain more… Slowly but Shirley! Lol


Yay 3d renders!

#vscocam I taught my dog how to balance things on his head (this time a banana) haha the power of bacon treats. (Or any food actually) #dogs #cute #banana #underbite #withgap

#vscocam #planetfitness


#vscocam beach n boba! Happy birthday to @xmdmh

#vscocam breakfast.

#vscocam the noise and the fog 8pm Daly City.

#vscocam beach tools.

#vscocam pacifica beach

#vscocam Fishing in Pacifica

Sunday, 7.13.2014, 6am

I still cannot sleep, I’ve been wandering around my old archives in tumblr for a while now. Honestly I want to smack my younger self in the head (4 years younger). What was I thinking?!.. Skipping classes and staying in the same high school even though I lived 50 miles away from it. All this for what? Seriously damn it killed my grades so bad. Just a reminder to myself that do things that would be easier for you, in the end I can only rely to myself. I really need to keep track of my journals. They help out so much in terms of reminding myself of what mistakes must be avoided. 

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